Monday, August 25, 2014

My Next Big Adventure is COMING SOON!!!

As soon as I got my passport back with a visa in it, I couldn't help but start Googling my hotel location including the places that my tour comprises, plus other good attractions nearby and how to get there through the subway. I got some local currency units in case I may find something worth buying, and I even tried learning basic conversational words just to show politeness as a foreigner. And I went shopping for my travel essentials (toiletries and clothes for my outfit). So, No! I'm not excited at all! LOL

Now, can you guess where am I heading in less than two weeks?

Here's a hint...

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Once Upon a Time in CHIJMES

Night life! This is not my thing and I’ve never been in a bar before except when I got invited by a childhood friend to watch a Filipino live band at Victoria St., a place where white people hang out, and they call it CHIJMES.

Being a first-timer in a bar made me feel awkward and at the same time curious of what is there inside this dark room filled with colorful lights and people standing next to each other, each enjoying their drinks… Actually, I had zero idea of where we were going that night, after my friend asked me to wear her pair of wicked Charles & Keith wedges [by the way, I’m a flip flop and sneaker gal]. When we arrived at our destination, I didn’t even bother to check how the building looks like outside, and since it was dark, all that stood up in front of my eyes were bright lights… then there were white people, mostly in their 30s to 60s. As we entered the bar, we headed to the counter to order drinks [so then I got my first tequila, yay!].

The live band was playing and people started to muster at the center of the room, each with their own unique moves. Yes, it was a bit noisy and I guess I was the only one that’s quiet [though I giggled at times cause of an elderly couple's amusing dance moves] but I enjoyed watching them, and no there were no explicit moves as I thought is all there is in a bar. May be because these people were professionals – I may have concluded it this way since I figured out that these Caucasian men and women were there in Singapore for their jobs and nothing else. A few Asians seemed to be tourists, and they were well-behaved. So, for an old school like me, I was thankful that my first bar encounter wasn’t a rot, and I called it a night.

Recommended place for a first class night life experience.

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Friday, August 08, 2014