Friday, January 09, 2015

Where Would 2015 Take You To?

There has been so much in the past four years, although I was only able to go and see several countries, and yet the places are mounting! I would say, I was just so privileged to see some beautiful spots that were not even mentioned in most travel guides, that I myself made a research, and when I got there it was worth visiting.

As a huge fan of theme parks, I don’t get tired going to some of the famous such as Disneyland and Universal Studios. What I like most aside from the views are the rides, yes, the RIDES! Now, I’m going to share you my own list of best theme parks or simply parks that I’ve been.

In no particular order:

Hong Kong Disneyland
Universal Studios Singapore
Everland (South Korea)
Chocolate Ville (Thailand)
Palio (Thailand)
Ocean Park Hong Kong

Not all of the above-mentioned parks offer rides but I have enjoyed good food and great sight seeing experience too. And as a part-time traveler, I always crave to get my passport stamped as much as I can. However, there is no itinerary yet for this year, or I may say I am still on the wait for upcoming good deals and who knows! So for me, new year brings new journey. Where would 2015 take you to?