Friday, February 05, 2016

Singapore-Malaysia 2015 Recap

Oh, hi there folks! It's been a while, and I bet you knew what was going on since my last post from 2015 (and you guessed it correct!). Well, it's never too late cause it was only four months since my last travel and I'm sure you're still in the hype of seeing the places I was able to see, although not a first time on some of them.

September 19th when I flew to Singapore for another annual adventure. Of course I first touched down on the beautiful Changi Airport followed by six days of non-stop hopping from train to bus, to crossing the border to Johor Bahru, to Kuala Lumpur, and trying all kinds of Singaporean food which are actually loaded with chicken, haha! It was quite an awesome experience, so sit back and see some of the greatest captures I've had, while the rest can be viewed on my Instagram account...

The Cavenagh Bridge (oldest in the city)

Sky ION at the ION Orchard 55th floor viewing deck

The Fullerton Hotel

The Merlion

A bridge at the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

The Castle at Far Far Away in Universal Studios
(did I say I got admitted here for FREE?)

A Pharoah made of bricks at Legoland

The Petronas Towers