Friday, February 05, 2016

Singapore-Malaysia 2015 Recap

Oh, hi there folks! It's been a while, and I bet you knew what was going on since my last post from 2015 (and you guessed it correct!). Well, it's never too late cause it was only four months since my last travel and I'm sure you're still in the hype of seeing the places I was able to see, although not a first time on some of them.

September 19th when I flew to Singapore for another annual adventure. Of course I first touched down on the beautiful Changi Airport followed by six days of non-stop hopping from train to bus, to crossing the border to Johor Bahru, to Kuala Lumpur, and trying all kinds of Singaporean food which are actually loaded with chicken, haha! It was quite an awesome experience, so sit back and see some of the greatest captures I've had, while the rest can be viewed on my Instagram account...

The Cavenagh Bridge (oldest in the city)

Sky ION at the ION Orchard 55th floor viewing deck

The Fullerton Hotel

The Merlion

A bridge at the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

The Castle at Far Far Away in Universal Studios
(did I say I got admitted here for FREE?)

A Pharoah made of bricks at Legoland

The Petronas Towers

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Instagram & Periscope Are Considered Travel Essentials

Application developers never run out of new flicks for the social media society. And most travel-inclined people use all of the available social media places to share their journeys and experiences via photos. I admit, I’m a huge Instagramer myself, and I find it interesting how me and my fellow travelers could share and like travel photos in one neat place (Instagram). This is also informative and helpful, and at the same time, it’s solely encouraging.

Yet, Instagram has been on for a while, and for some reason, there’s always a better way to connect to people (strangers and acquaintances) on the Internet. Let’s get straight to the point – what Twitter has launched for its users is amongst the most fun ways to share, not still images, but live images …. The Periscope!

Have you ever heard of the Periscope? It’s a new application that uses live streaming, so you could watch videos, of Twitter users – those you follow and also from the global population. Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment and send you hearts in real time. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.

I was introduced to Periscope a few hours ago, and as soon as I logged in to my Twitter account, I started viewing videos from people around the world, in real time. So here’s a collection of some screenshots I took on Periscope.

First, I went to sail with models to the Bahamas;
I was taken to London, and Sicily for a walk;
Visited Graceland and stood next to the Presleys' graves;
Drove around Bristol; and finally
Watched the concrete jungle of NYC!

Friday, January 09, 2015

Where Would 2015 Take You To?

There has been so much in the past four years, although I was only able to go and see several countries, and yet the places are mounting! I would say, I was just so privileged to see some beautiful spots that were not even mentioned in most travel guides, that I myself made a research, and when I got there it was worth visiting.

As a huge fan of theme parks, I don’t get tired going to some of the famous such as Disneyland and Universal Studios. What I like most aside from the views are the rides, yes, the RIDES! Now, I’m going to share you my own list of best theme parks or simply parks that I’ve been.

In no particular order:

Hong Kong Disneyland
Universal Studios Singapore
Everland (South Korea)
Chocolate Ville (Thailand)
Palio (Thailand)
Ocean Park Hong Kong

Not all of the above-mentioned parks offer rides but I have enjoyed good food and great sight seeing experience too. And as a part-time traveler, I always crave to get my passport stamped as much as I can. However, there is no itinerary yet for this year, or I may say I am still on the wait for upcoming good deals and who knows! So for me, new year brings new journey. Where would 2015 take you to?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giving Hawaii a First Glance

Apparently I have a passion for cityscapes but let’s not deny the fact that everyone is inclined to fall in love with nature, much more when it is combined with modern architecture. This is a sure thing about Hawaii that at one point made me mesmerized lately. So I guess it’s time to detour and embrace the natural world before pursuing city bustle.

Hawaii, a US state in the Pacific has captured the hearts of many being one of the best travel destinations for beach lovers and mountain hikers alike. I am not a trail person but as I thought of it, I was like, “Why not?”. And the beach? It wouldn't be something new but the giant coconuts keep fascinating me! So now I am more determined to make my way to the beautiful island(s) of Hawaii – all I need is a freakin’ visa LOL.

Image source: Hawaii Student Tours

Now should I say Aloha or Mahalo?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

PAL Travel Fair

It was 2:44pm today when I got a text message alert from PNB Cards saying I can get up to 50% off on PAL (Philippine Airlines) Domestic and International Fares with my PNB MasterCard at the PAL Travel Fair on Nov. 14-16, 2014, 9AM-7PM, at PNB Financial Center, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City.

I am qualified for this promo and I have been looking for great deals and discounts since I already have my 2015 itinerary in mind, but this came up just inappropriate, that I am helpless but to let go of the chance of getting a seat for a low price. I am way too far from the fair venue so all I can do now is to call it a tease.

If you are a fellow globetrotter, go on and spread the news!

And while in desperate mode, let me share this same image I just posted on Instagram!

On board PAL - 05.2013