Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giving Hawaii a First Glance

Apparently I have a passion for cityscapes but let’s not deny the fact that everyone is inclined to fall in love with nature, much more when it is combined with modern architecture. This is a sure thing about Hawaii that at one point made me mesmerized lately. So I guess it’s time to detour and embrace the natural world before pursuing city bustle.

Hawaii, a US state in the Pacific has captured the hearts of many being one of the best travel destinations for beach lovers and mountain hikers alike. I am not a trail person but as I thought of it, I was like, “Why not?”. And the beach? It wouldn't be something new but the giant coconuts keep fascinating me! So now I am more determined to make my way to the beautiful island(s) of Hawaii – all I need is a freakin’ visa LOL.

Image source: Hawaii Student Tours

Now should I say Aloha or Mahalo?

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