Saturday, September 21, 2013

Read Each Page and See the World is Wonderful!

While on my way to the great countdown to commence, let me play with some stuff that would somehow enlighten the day. Still, on the thought of my upcoming adventure, I have sorted things like what to wear, how many pair of shoes/flip flops to bring, do I need an umbrella, which sunglasses, extra tops, etc. Yesterday, I have booked my hotel and then I have started mapping my way through the public transpo, and even mapped the airports – where and which gate to the exit [and No, I am not excited!].

Well, Friday is over, it is now Saturday in the eastern hemisphere but today seems to be slow. Work, people, FB feeds, passing vehicles, and even the sun tend to collaborate for this slow-mo pacing – one of the best moments for a grand flashback! … Rewind to the late 1990’s when I first thought of seeing places outside my home country, and it seemed to be an impossible dream that I would never afford to get a taste of it. But, everything has changed a decade ago, and I am seeing now a clearer view of my dream turning into reality. I wasn’t born wealthy nor have other people to support me rather than working all out on my own, and with some help from my family. Yet, because I have been blessed to become a part of the booming online market portal, some almost five years ago [will turn 5 years on oDesk on the 25th - Congrats myself, and many thanks, oDesk!], the once “dream” to visit other places gradually spins and now making a concrete base. And yes, I am determined to go wherever the northern winds will take me!

I have heard and read tons of travel quotes, and now I am sharing this one …

Photo credits to St. Augustine

Indeed, the author of this verse made a brilliant comparison, acceptable and factual – if you only stick on one page, you will never appreciate a book. Hence, if you have great gratitude to the world and it’s Creator, go see and taste what it has to offer. Experience everything beyond borders. ‘Happy feet’ means happy traveling! :)