Wednesday, September 11, 2013

World's Paramount Airport - I've Been There!

Six weeks more and it’s off I go!

While making slight preps for my upcoming jaunt, I make sure that all tickets [airline tickets and theme park admission tickets] are set and paid including hotel and tour reservations. I have talked to my host and all itineraries are laid and scheduled, picking up only the best places to see and great food to eat [so to make sure that I won’t miss anything that I would regret in my comeback]. But one issue has left me a dilemma lately – my primary airline rescheduled my flight so instead of a 5-hour stopover, I now have a whooping 17 hours of airport idleness prior to catching up on my next flight. But the good thing is that, I will be taking a break at the World’s Top Airport – the Changi Airport!

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If you are a certified nomad, you would have heard the buzz about Changi – possibly from the news, travel blogs and advisories, or even from friends that have been there. As per the record, Changi grabbed the first place in 2012-2013 World’s Top 100 Airports by SKYTRAX. It is Asia’s major aviation hub connecting tons of flights daily to Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America, to name a few. With this, the Changi Group continues to provide all the comfort while one travels. Currently, there are three terminals that compose Changi – Terminal 1, 2, and 3, and an upcoming Terminal 4 is at watch as the administration has demolished the old Budget Airport. Skytrain is used to connect passengers going through and from all the terminals. Inside Changi is a generous selection of shops – designer’s brands, novelty, and restaurants while at the transit area are several gardens that truly ease everyone from a long and tiring flight. What’s amazing is that Changi also offers free rest areas, napping areas [with corresponding fee], transit hotels, cinemas, free WiFi, entertainment zone, and baggage counters. With all these, you can wisely make use of your time exploring inside and leave boredom during your connecting trips.

Since I have already mentioned about the best airport in the world, let me just revisit another huge aviation core in Asia – the Hong Kong International Airport which ranks as the 4th. Hong Kong International Airport is currently the world’s busiest cargo gateway and one of the world's busiest passenger airports. It is the home for the renowned Cathay Pacific, and the rest of Hong Kong and Asian airlines that cater flights to London, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, India, Osaka, Seoul, and more.

When I first stepped on the floor of Hong Kong International Airport, I felt especially different ambiance with the huge area topped with luxurious lounges, restrooms, interior finishes, and train that connects within the premises. Because the airport is enormous, expect some confusion and possible lost when you are a first-timer and are poor with directions. However, this technologically-advanced airport along with its congenial Immigration Officers made me revisited the city a year later.

As a traveler, I get to appreciate the airports that I got to set a foot on, and gladly, I’ve been to the best airport in the world, and will be there again in the near future. See you soon Changi!

Which airport have you been to? Share me your stories and photos.