Saturday, May 24, 2014

Walt Disney Park: A Must-see

Not far from a fairy tale, visiting one of the Disney locations is a must. Why? Okay, given that Mickey Mouse mostly amuses kids, seeing Disney characters in person [sure they are just mascots] can fulfill your childish cravings even we are in our 30s, 40s, and even 60s! Admit it, you were once a Mickey, or Cinderella, or Belle, or Aladdin, or Woody fan. The fact of the matter is, we were once kids, and unlike kids these days who have disregarded Walt Disney movies and just content tapping their iPads and tabs [poor kids!].

So if you completely agree with me, Disneyland is amongst the most wonderful places to be, both for old and young. As I remember, my first Disneyland HK visit was in March 2011, when I started my travel venture, followed by another enthusiastic trip in March 2012, when there was an addition to the park – the Toy Story Land. Each of my visits gave me unique experiences wherein I got to try different rides. My ultimate ride was the Space Mountain where at first I was so nervous but I got to enjoy it more during the second try. The Parachute Drop and Slinky Dog Spin were among the best rides you could try too. Most of all, I enjoyed the sceneries inside the park – the buildings, streets, and gardens, as well as the fireworks display being the climax.

There are different Walt Disney Parks all over the world, plus a Disneyworld in Florida, USA. Make sure you get a pass the next time you travel to Hong Kong, Japan, Paris, California, Shanghai, and the like. As for me, Disneyworld will be another dream come true! :)