Friday, May 30, 2014

Venice in Macau!

If I were to enumerate all the places that I wanted to visit, Venice falls under my Top Ten List. Aside from being mesmerized by its alluring canals, making a haven to the famous gondolas, the rustic scenery of both residences and shops caught me with charm. Setting a foot on the lovely city of Venice would never settle to be just a dream, but before I take you to the real City of Canals, I found a good shot I took in Macau. Yes – inside the Venetian Hotel in Macau, with its majestic interior where gondola-cradling duct was placidly situated at.

Like in Venice, gondoliers in the Venetian Hotel wear their authentic outfit – black pants, striped shirt, closed dark shoes, with special hat but they don’t always wear it. A gondolier usually maneuvers the boat, rows and steers from the starboard side of the stern with one long oar, and do not always sing as tourists envision, unless requested to. Once a gondolier sings, his/her voice echoes like surround sound inside the hotel – a close experience to the real Venice!

So if you ever plan to visit Macau, never miss the Venetian Hotel – shops and dines would be a bit pricey, but experiencing the Venetian ambiance will be an absolute bonus!

A scenic view inside the Venetian Hotel in Macau, featuring a gondola and a lady gondolier.