Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Urban Forest in the Heart of Lion City

There is always such a big thrill when visiting a city and you expect not just what it usually offers – city lights, modern landscapes, luxurious life style, delectable food, etc – but a touch of nature that you’ve thought could only be found in the Amazon. I discovered this myself when I went strolling down the slopes inside Singapore’s Botanic Garden. You think it’s just a mere garden? True, there are a hundred orchid species plus tons of wild flowers, vines, trees, and shrubs but what amazed me was the classic setup where vintage European lamp posts were well-blended with nature.

Aside from lamp posts which are visible in almost every corner of this wide-acre plot, there are also wooden benches fastened at the right spots, so no worries if your feet got worn-out from hiking, you’ve got a place to rest them. And what else could you ask for a rainforest? There were mini torrents that give a total jungle ambience and a man-made waterfall that catches tourists for an incredible snap shot background.

Now let me give you a sneak peak of what I am talking about….

Could you tell that’s epic?
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Botanic Garden admission is FREE. Orchid Garden ticket costs 5 SGD per person.
TIP: It is best to visit early in the morning to avoid extreme heat from the sun.